At Tribalfish we don’t do, we undo. We start by thinking backwards, not forwards. We never ask what you do, we ask why you do it. We never just create, we co-create. We don’t just offer you a new output, we give you a fresh new input. Because we’re not an agency,

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Driven by new ideas and new technologies, the world of brand communication is changing. But brand communication agencies are still stuck in the linear work methodology of the past that always yields predictability.

Ours is a philosophy, rather than a methodology. At Tribalfish we don’t believe in merely adjusting the status quo – we’re undoing it.

We bring together fresh new experiences, cultures and know-how that don’t follow the old rules. Because when you’re not following the same old rules, you’re not getting the same old results.

And when we undo existing, established thought patterns we create the new, the unexpected and the revolutionary.

Before we tell people what you do, we have to tell them why you do it.

People have to emotionally connect before they engage with the promise of the brand. This means the brand story must connect and resonate deep within the heart and mind of the consumer. Of the thousands of brands introduced into the marketplace each year, only a few will meet this expectation and grow to become the next generation icons in the culture. So engaging the right participants with a compelling brand story is essential.

That’s why we think backwards, "following the results, 'what's' and 'how's' to get the
essence of 'why?'"

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but that doesn’t mean we can’t focus on the small things as well.

Whether you’re looking for a total solution from research to strategy to creative execution, or just a 30 second radio ad for a local station, we’re here to help you do it smarter, simpler and with greater impact.

Brand Analysis & Strategic Audit

  • gap analysis
  • 360° stakeholder research

Corporate & Operational Strategy

  • investigating purpose, vision and the qualities/ behaviours/ culture shifts required to deliver the strategy

Culture, Integration & Engagement

  • internal & external
  • M&A integration
  • cultural reframing

Corporate/Product Brand Strategy for all stakeholders

  • 360° stakeholder engagement
  • new branding
  • rebranding
  • branding post M&A

Creative Development & Execution

  • concepts
  • brand story & brand print
  • corporate identity & design elements, brand guidelines etc
  • through the line media expertise including print, radio, television and online


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Our tribal council is a bunch of dedicated, passionate people who are united by a common purpose – telling your brand story in a fresh, relevant voice - to provoke change in behaviours.

We don’t limit our tribe to the boundaries of our offices. We get the right people needed for each brief.



If you're disruptive or curious about how we un-do conventional thinking, then feel free to pop in, call, tweet, write on our wall, or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you pronto.

We are operationally based in Johannesburg (South Africa) but work in Europe, Africa and the Middle East We also can be found thinking backwards in planes, hotel rooms and waiting room sofas.

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